4 Reasons You May Be The Right Candidate for Dental Implants

According to the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP), more than 175 million Americans have at least one missing tooth. Additionally, more than 30 million Americans have all of their teeth missing. Some common causes of tooth or teeth loss may include physical trauma, gum disease, tooth decay, cancer, bone disease, or normal wear and tear. If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you may need the services of a dental implant specialist Sunnyvale, CA. Like dentures and dental bridges, dental implants are one of the common restorative dentistry treatments your dentist may recommend to correct teeth or tooth loss.

A dental implant is a small artificial structure that your dentist surgically attaches to your jawbone, making it fuse with the bone gradually. Your dentist often manufactures crowns that can fit your mouth perfectly and match the natural color of your teeth.

Crowns appear, function, and feel the same as your natural teeth. Therefore, some of the advantages of dental implants include the improved appearance of your teeth, enhanced speech, improved comfort in your mouth, easier chewing, and long-term durability. As long as you keep your dental implants well-maintained, they can last a lifetime.

Consequently, below are reasons you may be the right candidate for dental implants.

  1. Adequate jawbone

If you lose your tooth or teeth, one of the main potential disadvantages is that you will suffer from jaw bone loss and deterioration.

When you have missing teeth, the portion of your jawbone that holds and supports the teeth in your mouth will no longer benefit from necessary stimulation. As a result, there is jaw bone breakdown or reabsorption.

The volume of your jawbone must be sufficient to hold and support dental implants. Your orthodontist may even recommend bone grafting to add volume and density to areas in your jaw that have suffered from bone loss.

  1. You are older

Dental implants are most suitable for adults. Adults have fully developed bone tissues.

Because the facial bone structure of a child is still developing, there is a high risk of dental implant failure.

  1. Excellent overall health

Before you can benefit from most surgical procedures, your surgeon will examine your medical history and subject you to various tests to ensure you are in good health. Being healthy can help promote your recovery and significantly reduce the risk of complications.

Thus, you may not be the ideal candidate for dental implants if you have gum disease or diabetes. However, as long as you control your blood sugar levels, you do not become at risk of dental implant failure or other complications.

Also, if you are a heavy smoker, your orthodontist may advise against dental implants. Smoking has a detrimental effect on the health of your jawbone and gums before and after implant treatment.

  1. Commit to healthy oral hygiene

If you are wearing dental implants and crowns, use a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles for brushing, which is important for avoiding creating scratches that may allow a bacterial attack. Additionally, go for regular dental checkups and use flexible instruments that will enable plaque removal from hard-to-reach surfaces on your teeth.

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