5 Effective Treatments and Remedies for Cellulite

Although losing weight improves the appearance of cellulite, cellulite does not behave like fat. They look like cottage cheese skin and develop predominantly on the legs and other body parts. They form when fats develop under the skin pushing against the connective tissues, thus resulting in a mottled appearance. Although you can opt for San Diego cellulite treatment, home remedies can improve the condition. Although it is difficult to remove cellulite completely, you can improve the appearance of the skin with dermatological-approved treatments. These are effective cellulite treatments and remedies.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments use wound ablation, which cuts into the connective tissues on the skin using heat. A thin fiber delivers heat to the skin destroying the collagen tissues and binding the fats. Although the heat will improve the appearance of the cellulite for more than six months, some people might have recurrent cellulite in the future. Alternatively, a dermatologist can use radiofrequency, which results in non-ablative treatment that improves the skin’s appearance. However, you may need several treatments to see any changes in your skin. You will repeat the treatments several times to keep the skin smooth.

Vacuum-Assisted Precise Tissue Release

The vacuum-assisted treatment can release the fat tissues trapped within the cellulite fibers. The dermatologist uses devices with sharp blades to cut the collagen strands on the skin. Once the fibers are destroyed, the fat will move to fill the gaps left by the cellulite. With this treatment, you might not experience cellulite growth for up to three years.

Retinoid Treatments

You can use creams and ointments which contain retinoids and caffeine on the cellulite to reduce the appearance. The caffeine will dehydrate the fat cells making the cellulite less obvious, but you may need to apply the cream daily to get the best results. Additionally, the retinoid thickens the skin reducing the appearance of the cellulite, but you might apply the product for more than six months to see results. Some creams which contain aminophylline might cause breathing difficulties, and you should test on a small area, especially if you have asthma.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise and weight loss can manage your weight and reduce the fat deposits in your body. The cellulite is fat cells trapped within a connective network of collagen tissues. Thus weight loss might result in less cellulite on the skin as your body does not deposit fats beneath the skin. Although you may not eliminate all cellulite tissues with weight loss and exercise, it reduces the appearance of bumpy patches on the skin.

Eating Healthily

Eating healthily might be good for your health and leads to lean muscles and less fat deposits under the skin. Thus you can combat cellulite with highly nutritious food such as whole grains, leafy vegetables, and fruits.


Cellulite has a mottled appearance and might occur on the legs and other body parts. Although they don’t behave like normal fat deposits, they are made of fat tissues entangled in the collagen connective tissues. It might be difficult to eliminate the cellulite cells, but you can reduce the appearance with laser treatments that use high beams to cut the collagen connective tissues. Moreover, you may opt for retinoid and caffeine creams which thicken the skin and shrink the fat cells on the skin. Finally, you may engage in exercises and lose weight to improve the appearance of the cellulite.