5 Tips That Will Help You Prepare for the Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

Have you ever filed a claim against workplace injuries or other related accidents due to other people’s negligence? If your answer is yes, I am certain that you are conversant with the whole process of assessment. After seeking this entitlement, the employer will want to investigate the incident further through a third party. Consequently, they will seek independent medical evaluation Pittsburgh, PA, to know whether you qualify for the benefits depending on your current health conditions. In addition, through these assessments, the employers will know whether you will be in a position to resume work. Therefore, it is necessary to make the preparations to get the best result. Here are tips that will help you prepare for the IME.

Keep Time

Arriving exactly on time during the IME appointment is not enough. It would be best to get to the medical facility at least half an hour before the stipulated time. This instance will help you finalize all the relevant paperwork before meeting with medical professionals. Showing up at the right time will also help you finish the assessment appropriately, which will help you resume your normal activities of the day.

Practice How To Explain the Injury Occurrence

One thing you should be sure of is that the IME physician will require you to describe the occurrence of your injury or ailment. To avoid struggles while explaining the whole scene, you should rehearse thoroughly before your appointment. Reviewing the documents will help you to match your story with exactly what is in your claim, thus boosting your credibility.

Watch Out for Your Dressing

Your dress can influence the success of your claim since it says a lot about you. Therefore, you should embrace a proper dress code that does not contradict your claim. For example, if you wish compensation following the injuries that interfered with your mobility, you should not wear outfits that show you have been engaging in the exercises.

Bring an Observer

It is not a good idea to come alone for your IME appointment. It would help if you came with other individuals, such as friends, relatives, or your attorney, who will witness the whole exercise of the assessment. In addition, these individuals will keep records of your communication with the IME provider. However, it would help if you understood that these observers should never answer the question on your behalf.

Be Honest

While preparing for your IME appointment, you should always remember that the IME physician already has your file. Therefore, it is good to ensure that whatever you say about the injury aligns with the claim. Truthfully answer all the questions to enhance your claim’s success during the assessment.

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