5 Types of Regenerative Medicine Methods

Generally, the body should heal itself after injury. Unfortunately, that may not happen quickly enough for some people due to aging or disease. If you experience such a problem, you should consider regenerative medicine. It is a procedure that uses methods to restore the normal functioning of cells and tissues by replacing them. They achieve that through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy or cell therapy.

If you are an American resident who needs the procedure, consider visiting Raritan anti-aging & regenerative medicine centers countrywide. Before going to any center, you need to know about the advantages of regenerative medicine mentioned below.

It Involves Minimal Risks

This procedure uses your cells and tissues for healing purposes, which means you will not experience any side effects as is common with pills. Another advantage of the absence of pain medication is that you will not suffer any addictions. After all, it is not uncommon for people to overdose on prescription medicines.

Another factor that makes regenerative medicine safe is that it is non-invasive. That means the doctor does not have to conduct any surgery. Also, remember that surgeries require you to rest for very long periods before returning to your usual duties. If you don’t, your wounds worsen, but with this procedure, you can return to your activities immediately.

It Does Not Require General Anesthesia

Instead of general anesthesia, the physician uses numbing medication on their syringe. Next, they use ultrasound technology to target the affected area. You may wonder what the problem with general anesthesia is since it also numbs your pain. Remember, it causes side effects like itching, shivering, and nausea, yet you will not feel that way with this procedure.

Furthermore, general anesthesia is more dangerous to people with sleep apnea as it can worsen their breathing issues. If you have this sleep disorder, regenerative medicine is for you.

It Relieves Chronic Pain

It does not matter whether you are experiencing pain in the knee, back, or shoulder; this procedure can clear it from anywhere. Also, it does not matter what the origin of the pain is. If it results from arthritis, joint damage, or spinal cord injury, the procedure can clear away your pains.

Some people with chronic pains have been buying endless medications to eliminate them, which is costly in the long run. If you know of such, encourage them to consider regenerative medicine.

It Facilitates Quick Healing

Some people do not have the time for physiotherapy sessions, while others hate how long they are. Thanks to this procedure, your organs heal faster hence eliminating the need for them.

Within a week, you may be disappointed by the outcome. However, once the seven days pass, you will notice major differences.

It Strengthens the Body

The procedure is already impressive enough due to how fast the healing time is. However, it does not only heal your organs but also strengthens them. That means you do not need to be in pain to consider regenerative medicine.


It is astonishing how many people do not try regenerative medicine. Perhaps, it is due to ignorance or reluctance to step out of their comfort zones to try recovery alternatives. Now that you know how helpful it is, we hope you will try it soon. If more people consider it, maybe the rate of prescription drug abuse can reduce significantly.

Another reason to consider it is its cheapness. It only costs $500-2000, and your recovery will last for years.