How to choose your first bong?

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The bong universe is immense so it’s almost impossible to know where to start looking.

Firstly, think about how much you want to spend on your bong and what things should be included in the bong itself before deciding which bong you’re going to buy. Do you want a bong with a carb hole? What length should it be? Will this bong use a bowl or a slide – or both? And what about percolators? You may also see bongs that have been decorated or covered in resin, but these aren’t usually for beginners because they are more fragile. Finally, think about the kind of material you’d like your bong made from: glass, ceramic or metal. All different materials have their own benefits and drawbacks, so you should choose what’s most comfortable for you.

Here are some bongs that have been designed specifically with first-time bong users in mind, but being a bong virgin doesn’t mean there are bongs out there that aren’t suitable! If your bong comes with instructions then it should be fairly easy to use. If not, then here’s how to use your bong properly:

Put the bong on a sturdy, level surface – like an open window or kitchen worktop.

Bowls often come detached from bongs (if they don’t also attach by sliding), so make sure this is tightened firmly before use. Then put the bowl over the mouthpiece and pack it with bong weed.

Using bongs for sale is really simple, but there are many bongs available that use a carburetor or ‘carb’. If you’re bong doesn’t have one then this makes inhaling the smoke even easier – but don’t worry if your bong just has an ordinary bowl without any holes because bongs can still work perfectly well like this (see below).

Holding your lighter or matches over the hole in the bong where the flame goes in, light up and puff on the mouthpiece while simultaneously lifting it out of its resting place off to one side to let your lit smoke fill inside. To activate your bong’s carb (if it has one), suck through the mouthpiece to create suction and then quickly release. You can then repeat this process (again, you’ll need a bong that has a carb).

Now inhale the bong smoke! Don’t rush it – bong weed is VERY strong and takes longer than other types of smoking to kick in. If your bong has a carb, keep breathing in and out until the bong weed smoke is all gone and you feel high… And there we have it: an expert bong hit! Now you know how to use your bong properly it’s time to pick the right one for you.

Bong for a beginner

Here are bongs that have been designed with bong virgins in mind, but if your bong doesn’t come with instructions don’t worry – bongs can still work perfectly well without a carb or a pressure release hole. It might take a little longer to master the art of bongs but you’ll still get there.

  1. EDITS Ceramic bong ($14)

This bong is made from ceramic and has ice notches where you can safely put ice cubes to cool down the smoke even further! The mouthpiece is also very comfortable for use – it’s quite wide so the bong itself won’t easily slip out of your hand.

  1. EDITS Bamboo bong ($12)

This bong is made from sustainable bamboo (the bong itself is even green!) and comes with a ceramic base. This bong might be slightly more difficult to clean, but the material makes it incredibly sturdy.

  1. Bikini bong ($8)

Bongs don’t always have to be high-end bongs – just because you’re a bong virgin doesn’t mean that you can’t use an ordinary bong! This black bong is very straightforward but you would need to replace the bowl regularly as it’s not reusable.

  1. Glass pipe bong ($21)

For anyone who wants a little bit of everything in their bongs, this glass pipe b gives users access to different types of bong. The bongs can be detached from the pipe, making it easy to clean and the bong itself doesn’t get too hot while you’re using it either!

  1. Mini bong ($13)

If you don’t want to buy a bong that’s too big then this mini bong is perfect for beginners – it comes with a carburetor so there are no technicalities to worry about. The glass bowl is very long-lasting too.