Smoke the Dab Rigs

Recently, the use of words in speech and description has become more widespread and many use words that are rarely used. So that sometimes we don’t know the meaning of these words. Like the use of the word bong.

You can see the use of these words in the real world or in cyberspace such as on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in chat-based applications such as Line, BBM, WhatsApp and so on.

The bong, or water pipe, is often considered the most powerful tool by smokers. In general, bongs are made of glass which are carefully designed and decorated to achieve a beautiful final shape. This type of pipe can also be made of acrylic, bamboo, and ceramic. Smoking from a bong is different from smoking from a regular rolled cigarette because the bong has a chamber that can hold more smoke. Follow these steps to learn how to smoke from a bong without embarrassing yourself.

Ever heard of a electric dab rig?

Electric Dab rigs are pretty much the same as bongs reflecting their different uses. The most obvious difference between a bong and a rig is size.

Electric Dab rigs are intended for use with cannabis concentrates, from oil to wax and shatter. People choose dab because it delivers far more THC per hit than you would get from smoking the dry herb. Slathering also vaporizes the source material rather than burning it, so you’re inhaling hot steam rather than smoke.

Because smearing all flavor preserves, dab rigs are smaller than bongs. While the general goal of a bong is to get as many hits as possible, electric dab rigs sold by Slickvapes are designed to minimize the surface area of ​​the glass and the exposure to oxygen that your steam receives. Percs in a quality dab rig are also usually larger than in a bong, as larger bubbles preserve the flavor better.

How to Choose a Dab Rig?

Style: The most common type of dab rig is the banger hanger. It consists of a bell-shaped chamber with perpendicular joints from which you “hang” the banger. But the more adventurous may be more interested in a multi-chamber drop rig with an attractive body style, like the piece pictured below. There are many types of Dab Rigs, you can see them on electric dab rigs sold by Slickvapes, a wide selection of shapes is there. You must visit it

Actually, a bong is a ‘jam’ that is burned and then smoked using a water pipe. These bongs are usually a combination of tobacco with flavours, such as fruit or mint. Meanwhile, the water pipe system itself is often called a hookah or bong.

The bong water pipe heating system usually uses coal or charcoal. When sucked through the tube, the smoke from the jam will be drawn to the bottom, through the water, and into the mouth through the tube.

One of the functions of water in this system is as a coolant, so the smoke produced by the bong feels smoother and not as hot as traditional cigarettes.

Fill the bong with water.

Pour water until the stem is submerged as deep as 1-2.5 centimeters. Enter the water from the top of the chamber. The chamber is a cylindrical tube through which the user inhales smoke from the bong.

  • Filling the bong with too much water can cause water to splash into the mouth or wet the burning substance when it inhales smoke.
  • Water bongs can be very annoying if they splash on your face.
  • Put ice into the chamber to cool the rising smoke. Some argue that doing this can make the smoke smoother when smoked.

Stuff the substance to be burned into the bowl.

The bowl is a tablespoon-sized bowl located on the side of the bong. Most bowls are removable and serve as carbs which must be removed later when smoking to release the smoke.

  • Fill the bowl just below the end with the substance that has been ground or powdered. You can grind the substance by tearing, shearing, or using a marijuana or tobacco grinder.
  • Avoid filling the bowl too little. Flakes that are too fine can be sucked into the bong when you smoke. Overfilling the bowl can also cause blockages and block the air passage.

Place the mouth on the chamber.

Put the lips into the mouth of the chamber, do not put the mouth of the chamber into your mouth.

  • Avoid leaving saliva at the mouth of the chamber. Leaving saliva in the mouth of the chamber is against smoking etiquette and is also disgusting.
  • Make sure your mouth is firmly attached to the mouth of the chamber to avoid air leakage when smoking.

Place your finger on the carb.

Some bongs have carbs. Carb is a simple hole located on the side or stem of the bong. If you smoke from this type of bong, cover the hole with one finger before lighting the bowl.

  • Many bongs have no carbs. In this type of bong, you must release the bowl once the chamber is filled with smoke.
  • If the bowl can’t be released, you don’t have to think about the function of the carb. The function is not absolute when smoking from the bong.

Ignite the substance while sucking.

Continue to ignite the substance while placing your lips in the mouth of the chamber and sucking air through the mouth. You can stop igniting once the substance starts to glow red.

Inhale vigorously until the chamber is filled with smoke.

You can try to make as much or as little smoke as possible. Try filling the chamber only halfway if this is your first smoking experience. If not, suck the chamber until it is filled with smoke.

If the bong has carbs, lift your finger or remove the bowl from the chamber.

Do this step to release the burning substance and get the smoke out of the bong easily.

  • If you need time to quit smoking, cover the mouth of the bong with your palm before removing the carb.
  • If you leave the bong without closing the carb smoke in the chamber will come out slowly.

Inhale the remaining smoke.

You don’t need to suck hard once the carb is opened. Smoke can be inhaled easily because air can enter through the hole.

Let the smoke sit in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling it all.

Change the carb you use and give the bong to the person on your left when smoking together.