The Common Uterine Fibroid Symptoms That Individuals are Likely to Have

Even though both women are likely to have various reproductive health conditions, most women are likely to have a higher risk than their male counterparts. One common reproductive condition is fibroids, which develop in or on the uterus. Even though the growths are noncancerous, sometimes the tumors can be quite large, making the person suffer from abdominal pain and heavy periods. Since these conditions are uncomfortable, most people having uterine fibroids Houston, TX are seeking treatment. The following are the common symptoms of uterine fibroids that individuals are likely to have.

Painful Sex

 Even though various reasons can make the person experience pain when having sexual intercourse, fibroids can be one of the factors. The intramural and submucosal fibroids interfere with the individuals’ normal uterus operations, which can interfere with the shape, making any pressure or contractions painful. The person can have problems having sex, making it less enjoyable. The fibroids can also cause hormone imbalance making women have lower libido.

Pelvic Pain

Even though most uterine fibroids are noncancerous, they are a tumor-like overgrowth of abnormal tissue. This is why the fibroids in or on the uterus cause a fullness or bloating sensation. The submucosal fibroids are also likely to give a person’s uterus a heavy feeling. Furthermore, these fibroids cause generalized pain since they normally take up some space initially for the uterus and other organs. Even though acute pain is rare, a person can experience it if the fibroid interferes with the proper functioning of other organs or outgrows the blood supply.

Frequent Constipation and Urination

Even though urination incontinence results from a lack of bladder control, it could be caused by other factors such as uterus fibroids. When the fibroid grows on the top of the individual’s uterus, it will share the space with the bladder. This instance will limit the size that is left for the bladder. It will make the person go to the toilet more often while increasing the risk of urinary incontinence.


Infertility is one of the most sensitive topics in the current world. Individuals with untreated fibroids may have a problem having a successful pregnancy. Moreover, it makes people have more hospital visits and increase health complications for both the mother and the child. If you have fibroids, you will likely be at a higher risk of requiring an emergency cesarean section. The untreated fibroids can also take the space in the womb for uterine growth, making it hard for the woman to conceive and maintain pregnancy.

Heavy Bleeding

Most submucosal fibroids that grow on the interior of the uterus are likely to cause heavy bleeding. Moreover, this condition is also caused by the intramural fibroids embedded in the individual’s muscular uterine wall. These heavy periods are annoying and can drastically affect a woman’s life. Fibroids also increase the risk of anemia resulting from exhaustion and other problems. There are other instances in which they make the cramps more intense since they interfere with the normal function of the uterine muscle.

Fibroids have been a common condition affecting different people. Even though this condition is common, most people suffer before knowing the situation they are suffering from. If you are having symptoms and you suspect that it could be fibroids, you should go to the specialist for a professional diagnosis. The fibroid surgeon will listen to your concerns and conduct a pelvic exam and customize the right treatment if they diagnose fibroids. You should visit the facility early to reduce the condition from worsening.