What to wear in case of mild incontinence? – Pads, pants, man diapers!

Life keeps on throwing surprises after surprises upon us. Sometimes these come to be dire and sometimes divine. When they come as dire, we get left wishing to come out of it. Similar situation occurs when incontinence happens. It does not happen in a flash though. There come signs that hint at a possible situation ahead. The very first stage of incontinence happens as mild incontinence. Thus it becomes necessary to pay attention to it. As per ConfidenceClub, man diapers Australia could be used, but they are not the treatment in itself. There are other things to take care of.

What is mild incontinence?

Mild continence is a type of urinary incontinence where the symptoms are not severe. You are leaking the urine, but in small amounts. Now, why does it happen? Science says that the most common reason for mild incontinence is the weakening of pelvic and sphincter muscles. Pelvic muscles hold pelvic organs from falling onto the bladder. When it falls weak, the organs start sagging over the bladder. This puts pressure upon the bladder and thus it starts to leak.

Another reason is when the sphincter muscle starts to go weak. Sphincter muscles keep the final end of the bladder close so the urine does not fall into the urethra. It works like a rubber band around some tube. When it goes weak, urine starts to leak.

There is another further reason that makes people wear man diapers. When there occurs some infection in the urinary tract, it starts to irritate the bladder and creates disruption into the proper organ functioning. Check your doctor about the possible cause of your incontinence.

Now it comes to the treatment of mild incontinence. Wearing, advises ConfidenceClub, man diapers (Australia) do help like a backup plan, but they do not treat the condition. Furthermore, diaper dependence makes incontinence worse. We will tell you why. And we will also tell you what you can do regarding it.

What man diapers to wear in mild incontinence?

Mild incontinence means you are leaking in small amounts. This amount ranges around 200-500 ml in a day. One can use either guards or pads. Guards are designed for men while pads for women. They would be able to make you go through the day. You might surf through the best man diapers from ConfidenceClub, Australia.

Another possible option is to use briefs with absorbing ability within. They are reusable and provide comfort alongside. But there is one thing to notice, which is diaper dependence.

Even if you are wearing diapers, try not to pee in them. Let them hold your urine if only your bladder fails. This will train your urinary system and help you gain control.

Now it comes to the treatment. Treatment ranges from non-surgical to surgical. Surgery should always be the last option. Before surgery one must try to treat the condition from the root. Try these methods:

  • A change of lifestyle. Avoid diuretic drinks like caffeine, alcohol, soda, etc. They make people urinate more.
  • Do not cut down on your water usage. Keep your body hydrated. Dehydration tends to cause urinary infection.
  • Perform Kegel exercises and train your pelvic muscles.
  • Train your urinary system by being conscious of it. Try to hold when you can.
  • Do not shy to speak about it to your loved ones. Moral support works well.
  • Try some medications.
  • Try behavioral therapy in case none works.

One must not rely on diapers. Wear man diapers (Australia) only when you go out or sleep.