When You Should You Opt For Emergency Medicine

When you call 911 for a medical problem, you often end up in the emergency room seeking immediate medical attention. However, do you know when to opt for emergency medicine over primary care? Most people might not know when they need Greensboro emergency medicine and would rather see a primary doctor before an emergency doctor. However, deep injuries, extreme bleeding, and heart issues might make you see an emergency doctor. Here are instances you would seek emergency medicine over primary care.


Sometimes injuries put your life at risk, especially if accompanied by heavy bleeding. Injuries might result in joint dislocation, and an emergency doctor works closely with orthopedic experts who can deal with dislocated joints. You might develop a permanent disability if you don’t deal with dislocated joints and other injuries. An orthopedic surgeon might correct the broken ligaments and muscles on the joint.

Moreover, it is easy to lose a lot of blood after an injury, especially if a deep and open wound accompanies it. Excessive blood loss might lead to the lack of blood supply to key body organs such as the brain leading to death due to the lack of oxygen. Moreover, deep wounds require immediate medical attention as the wound can become infected easily, and without proper an open wound leaves large scars which are hard to treat

You May See an Emergency Doctor Due to Chest Pains

Chest pains might indicate a breathing problem or could be a sign of COVID-19; thus, you might need immediate medical attention. COVID might make breathing difficult since it affects the lung capacity and the ability to take adequate air into the lungs. Thus, a doctor may determine if the shortness of breath results from a respiratory health problem and offer the right treatments. Additionally, chest pains could be the early signs of stroke, thus making it necessary to receive the right interventions to prevent stroke progression. Stroke may occur when oxygenated blood does not reach the brain, leading to permanent brain damage resulting in disability.

You May Need Emergency Care to Deal with Diabetes

Diabetes might be life-threatening as its symptoms, such as extremely high or low blood sugars affect your health immensely. You may need the right interventions to deal with the diabetes signs to prevent organ damage and safeguard yourself from the effects of high or low blood sugars.

You Medical Attention When Feeling Weak

Sometimes you may feel weak without knowing what is wrong with you, and you would need emergency care. You might be weak due to a serious underlying health problem, and your doctor will diagnose and treat the health issue effectively.

At first, you may seek a primary care series to deal with your medical issue, but the primary doctor will recommend primary care whenever possible. You will visit an emergency room if you have chest pains, which indicate serious respiratory problems. Breathing issues might be associated with circulatory problems like stroke, and you would need immediate medical attention. Moreover, you may need emergency care to deal with injuries, deep wounds, and excessive bleeding. You may need emergency care to deal with diabetes, as the health condition can be life-threatening.